disruption as a positive agent of change

today or in the near future, disruption of your business is inevitable. What if disruption could be planned, could be positive?

this is what we offer

disruption you own; catalysing innovation in your team, facilitating transformation and the proactive realisation of new products and services.

over 50 years experience of delivering transformation

for national innovation agencies, local authorities, universities, government departments, NGOs, FTSE100 firms, start-ups, industry organisations, design and construction firms, professional services companies and financial institutions.

we help by empowering you to find the Why, What, Who, Where and When of meaningful outcomes

enabling our clients to look beyond the obvious. Strategic rigour shapes plans of action that set the path of how these meaningful outcomes are realised.

design thinking

design thinking applies creativity to the exploration and development of new questions, the 'why'. That when answered, yield results that are both valuable and meaningful.

thought leadership

thought leadership engages a wider audience with the questions, building understanding of the why. Leading to an exploration of the what and how of innovation.

strategic innovation

innovation requires the right environment and culture to thrive. One in which the divergence of design thinking is unified with the convergence of thought leadership.

why does meaning matter?

at through... meaning is everything. We believe it is only through creating rich, human-centric meaningful experiences that valuable outcomes can be realised.

we are through...

through... is Paul and Ian. We are lifelong friends who share an intuitive ability for aligning divergent with convergent thinking; making new things happen by turning thought into action. For any given scenario, we quickly spot relevant patterns and form a deep understanding of the individual needs of people and organisations. Fuelling our ability to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena. Developing new and relevant questions. Helping organisations find the necessary answers that deliver meaningful customer experiences and valuable organisational outcomes.

Paul is an acknowledged design thinker and Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce. Formerly an architect Paul now works with organisations across all sectors. He is passionate about the importance of shaping the relevant questions to achieve the most meaningful outcomes.

Ian is a non-practicing solicitor, starting his professional life as a Litigation Lawyer in the City, before quickly moving to work in technology and change. He now provides interim management and consulting services, focused on leading and developing organisational change capability. His passion is to explore options and find the necessary answers in an engaging and effective manner.