helping shape the questions at the interface of people, buildings and technology.

through… works with developers, designers, constructors, engineers and all who use buildings to deliver service and value to customers.

With one straightforward objective; to shape the very best questions! The answers to which empower all to achieve outcome benefit from buildings. Enabling in-use value and enhanced consumer wellbeing.

through… can help you shape better questions and develop the best strategy for answering them.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the need for a new built environment professional…
14th June 2016

In this, the final part of this blog series, I have repurposed and partially rewritten an excellent thought piece by Gavin…

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution – challenges and opportunities for the built environment
26th May 2016

In Part 1 of this blog series I explored the Built Environment at the eve of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In…

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The Built Environment at the eve of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
14th May 2016

This article explores the built environment at the eve of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, how buildings are likely to change, and the…

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melding strategy and creative exploration to discover better futures.

  • Experience

    over 25 years experience of delivering valuable transformative benefit.

    My clients include leading national innovation agencies, local authorities, universities, government departments, NGOs, industry organisations, leading design and construction firms and global professional services companies. Affording me great insight and experience as to how quality of question asked is the biggest determinator of the quality of answer.

  • Skill

    an innovative strategist and thought leader

    With an intuitive ability for aligning divergent with convergent thinking, I both co-create new thinking and make things happen by turning thoughts into action. With alternative ways I facilitate innovative strategy. For any given scenario, I will quickly spot relevant patterns and issues. Ideation drives me to be fascinated by these patterns and issues, fuelling my ability to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena. Which inspire visions of future scenarios; futures borne of a genuine intrigue in the unique qualities of people.

  • Aproach

    To get the best answers, you must first develop the best questions.

    If the answers you are getting are not delivering the value or outcome wanted, then it is likely that you need new questions more than a better way to answer the same ones. Although this is a simple principle, most fail to seeing it or know how to do it. There is no silver-bullet, no magic one-size-fits-all question.

  • Method

    I offer two specific forms of strategic consultancy; Strategic Innovation and Project Strategy. Consultancy offered to each and every client is bespoke and independent.

bridging from the future back to the present


Strategic Innovation is the creation of strategies, services or business models that change the game and generate significant new value for consumers, customers, developers and designers of built environments. It is a uniquely valuable service that unifies two key approaches to thinking: Divergent and Convergent.


Project specific service for those wanting to get the get the best from an existing or new building project. It is the creation of products (typically buildings) that change the game and generate significant new value for consumers and customers.


I am available for keynote and other speaking opportunities where future visioning and thinking is needed. Ideal for organisations seeking to instigate new thinking and awaken innovation.


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