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Positive Disruption
(R)evolution Design

(R)evolution empowers organisations to better compete, survive and ultimately thrive in increasingly changeable environments. (R)evolution is not a product of natural selection, but conscious design.

(R)evolution design is rooted in Design Thinking, Thought Leadership and Strategic Innovation. With it we extinguish old thinking and ignite the new. Strengthen individuals and empower teams. Demolish the barriers to innovation and enable your organisation to thrive.

(R)evolution Design. Be better, be different. This is Positive Disruption.

Focus on performance rather than a product. A method for revealing and tackling wicked problems. Discover the right questions.

Engage teams, employees, supply chain and customers. Catalyse their journey through disruption toward valuable outcomes.

Effective combination of sustained and disruptive. Implement innovation that is incremental, evolutionary and revolutionary aligned to your ambition.

Our services

We use Design Thinking, Thought Leadership and Strategic Innovation to provoke, catalyse, coach and facilitate disruptive innovation.

Whether you need to instigate a whole new approach to innovation or improve the one you have our agency provides bespoke consultancy tailored to your unique requirements. Examples of service offerings include:

  • Executive Discovery

    exploring your understanding and setting ambition

  • Provoking Innovation

    Challenging the status quo and establishing query and curiosity

  • Innovation Focus

    seeking and defining the questions your innovation should focus on and refining them along your journey

  • Embracing Innovation

    building an understanding of innovation and overcoming barriers to adoption in the wider organisation

  • Coaching

    nurturing your peoples potential for Design Thinking and Thought Leadership and equipping them with the tools and skills to realise their potential

  • Bespoke consultancy

    supporting organisations with design thinking resource, specific and aligned to their needs and ambition and specific outcome aspirations.

Paul Fletcher
Provocateur and Catalyst

Paul is the lead provocateur and catalyst at THROUGH.

A reputed design thinker with proven skill of extinguishing old thinking and igniting new.

A respected strengthener of individuals and empowerer of teams.

Intuitively disruptive, forming THROUGH with Ian Huke transformed his disruptive strength into a positive driver of innovation fuelled change.

Ian Huke
Coach and Facilitator

THROUGHs coach and facilitator, the yang to Paul’s ying.

A highly skilled coach and facilitator his expertise includes developing internal change capabilities, evaluating & incepting new change initiatives and stabilising in flight programmes.

Working closely with senior stakeholders to shape, govern and drive change. Developing people alongside the frameworks, methods, life-cycles and governance they work within.

The Collective
Specific expertise and skill to suit each project

Ian and Paul continual build a collective of talented doers and thinkers.

Experts, technologists, specialists, implementers and much more.

Skill and strengths are blended into expert teams, supporting (R)evolution design and the realisation of Positive Disruption.


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