through... is a Design Thinking Agency offering Positive Disruption consultancy.

disruption as a positive agent of change

today or in the near future, disruption of your business is inevitable. What if disruption could be planned, could be positive and something you choose to do?

this is what we offer

disruption you own; seeding innovation in your team, facilitating transformation and the proactive Discovery and Development of new products and services.

over 50 years experience of delivering transformation

for national innovation agencies, local authorities, universities, government departments, NGOs, FTSE100 firms, start-ups, industry organisations, design and construction firms, professional services companies and financial institutions.

design thinking

design thinking applies creativity to the exploration and development of new questions, the 'why'. It fuels Discovery and Development.

thought leadership

thought leadership engages all stakeholders Moving Discovery into Definition and Development into Delivery.

strategic innovation

strategic innovation ensures the journey from Discovery to Delivery remains focussed yet agile.

we are through...

through... is Paul and Ian. We are lifelong friends who bring together their complimentary skills to seed and nurture innovation in organisations. We will not bring you new solutions or answers, but will will enable you and your team to. Transforming culture such that your people can make new things happen by turning their ideas into actions.

Paul brings positive disruption to organisations, catalysing innovation and facilitating change. Through design thinking and thought leadership he effectively disrupts ingrained thinking, empowering organisations to gain agility and create the freedom to innovate.

Ian has a record of strategic innovation. Shaping change and creating the culture and capability to deliver it, enabling positive disruption. Ensuring that change delivers meaning to its audiences and value to organisation.